Monday, July 21, 2008

Giving into the Addiction

In the last couple of months, I’ve played with an idea in my head. In fact, I’ve entertained it for a good four years or so, but just have never decided if I want to pursue it. With things in my professional life coming to critical mass, however, I’ve decided I have to do something.

So it’s decided. I’m going to go to library school.

Before you start picturing me in horn-rimmed glasses with an ugly sweater and a beaded chain to make sure my glasses don’t go flying off into oblivion when I’m in a flurry of shelving activity, let me explain.

I grew up in libraries. My mother discovered this was the best way to be around during our daily lives without being a burden in them. Every school I’ve ever attended (with perhaps one exception) has had my mother as their volunteer librarian. Kids around the school often referred to her as the “nice” librarian. For me, it was always kind of nice to know that on certain days I could walk into the library and there my mom would be, shelving books, repairing the broken ones and stamping in the new ones. After school, I would go in to get her, and hang out, getting to know the librarians who – miraculously and contrary to popular belief – were pretty interesting people.

Ultimately, I’ve always known that I want to have something to do with books, writing and reading. This has led me down the road of English professor at a university (too much pressure), high school English teacher (so scary), middle school English teacher (doable), and librarian. When I think of being a librarian, I kind of get excited. And when I think of doing this in a school, it makes me a little more excited. I could be the “nice” librarian. The one the kids love coming to when they have a question. I could instill the same adoration in books that I’ve had all my life into whatever children I could sink my little claws into.

What’s more – I could do all this while having a summer, Christmas, fall, and spring vacation that coincided with those of our future children, ensuring that no matter where Greg was in his career, someone will always be available to look after our kids.

Needless to say, I’ve become more than a little attached to this idea. My statement of purpose is written, I’ve begun asking for letters of recommendation, the application is printed out and on my counter at home, and I’m speaking to someone in the college later today to get more specific answers about becoming a School Media Specialist (aka school librarian).

I better go buy some more broomstick skirts; I want to be a professional bookworm!

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