Thursday, July 24, 2008

My First Love

When you have a problem, you have to be the first one to admit it. And here I go: I adore food. I literally think about food like most people think about sex. Textures, tastes, smells… food to me can be sensual, spunky, interesting, alluring, sinful, even. I can just imagine myself as one of those crazy-eyed babies who suddenly claps and cheer each time my mother got out a little baggy full of cheerios. Food is love. Food is joy. Food is excitement.

What I love most about food is eating it. In the morning, I’m one of those people whose stomach is growling the moment I wake up. It takes all the energy I have to brush my teeth and get dressed before I attack the kitchen and make myself some cereal with as many fruits as I can find. Before I’ve even finished, I’m already thinking of lunch that day, analyzing my pantry and deciding what I will throw together when I come home later.

A result of this love for food has been that, as I start to become more adult, my body is less able to metabolize everything I want to eat like it did when I was a kid. (Picture me at 14, with a Big-Gulp size glass of milk and an entire package of Oreos. Never. Gained. A. Pound.) Luckily, I’m still fairly active, and I enjoy doing things which tend to burn calories and keep me from ballooning, but I’m still pretty conscious about what I eat. It kills me some days that I can’t simply eat baked peaches over vanilla custard every day, or – better yet – cover everything I eat with mushroom gravy.

I’m no gourmet connoisseur. In fact, I prefer comfort food to any other variety; give me some deep-fried breaded okra, a bowl of mashed potatoes, maybe some homemade mac and cheese, something covered in gravy, maybe some grilled vegetables with butter, possibly some nice dinner rolls made from scratch, a few pies… I just ate lunch and already I’m hungry again.

All this to say – I hate the idea of dieting, but I think I’m going to have to give into the devil. My wedding dress – the gorgeous, ideal gown I’ve always dreamed of, well… it just doesn’t fit quite right. With the wedding less than 3 months away, there’s no time to get alterations and be absolutely sure the dress will be ready for the bridal portraits that are only 1 month away. (ACK! Just realized that) So, for me, food in general is going to have to become a luxury. I think I’m still going to refuse to do the South Beach Diet (give up fruit? Not possible), but it’s time for some give and take. Basically, give up sugary goods, and take away extra breads. I’ve put this picture on my desktop, in hopes that it will encourage me to indulge in good, healthy, natural things.
Rather than the things I really want:

After all of this, it will come as no surprise to you that my favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. Could it get better? A holiday centered around the eating of a meal? No, it really truly doesn’t. Unless you throw in about 50 of my Arkansas relatives and their varying amounts of teeth. You better believe Thanksgiving 2008 will be a true feat of gluttony.

Pictures found at Shmutzie's site.

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Through the Looking Glass said...

Jenn, thanks for the "hello". I just peeked through your blog and I laughed as I realized that as women, regardless of where we are in life, our age, where we live, or our personal situations, we all are basically the same! I relate to so much of what you have written about, but on a more specific note, this food concept is a biggie for me. I remember the "about-to-be-married-need-to-look-fabulous" days and man, what I wouldn't give to look like I did then. Food is an obsession for me as well, but I struggle more with feeling like it is the boss of me vs. the other way around. Good luck with your pursuit; though I would never encourage being unhealthy, I am a huge fan of self-discipline - especially because I often lack it.