Saturday, August 2, 2008

It Was a Day

Greg is out of town. This happens rarely with us. Or, at least, thus far it has been a rare occurance. We've only been together for about two years, so we've been in that sweet, "I can't go anywhere without you!" place. I think it may be beginning to wear off, just a smidge.

Anyway, Greg went to see some of his college friends who, for lack of a better explanation, have been ignoring his existence for a year or so. He's tried to make contact a few times that I know of, but - let's face it - they're all nerdy, arty people who flake out easily. This time, though, it appears to have worked out for the best. So that left me alone today from noon until... probably midnight tonight or so.

With the knowledge that my honey would be away, I made grand plans. I would go to Target and buy a few things that I've needed for a while. Then I'd go work out. After that, I wanted to come home, watch a movie and organize the junk drawer and go through a box of books that's been sitting in the entry way for a few days. I even made a list of all the things I needed to do/get so that I wouldn't forget any.

I got as far as Target, and the rest of the day is a blur. I didn't work out (how am I EVER going to fit into the wedding dress??), I DID organize the junk drawer, but nothing else has fallen under the jurisdiction of my nimble hands. I DID watch my movie, but after that I also opted to watch all the special features, followed by a disc of my favorite TV show, Friends, while I had dinner and played with my new hot rollers. So now, I'm sitting here posting, my hair looking fabulous, chai tea in front of me, and feeling pretty guilty. I mean, I had plans. What happened to me?

I'm still going to try to salvage things here. I'm going to put on an audiobook (after I finish my tea), and tackle our guest room closet, which is a freak show of wedding stuff, unfiled papers, random computer supplies and other unidentifiable objects. It's pretty much a house of horrors in there. Please pray for me. I could probably use it.

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