Friday, August 15, 2008

Lord, I Was Born a Rambling (Wo)Man

There are days when I just want to write. I don't have an agenda, and I don't have a reason, I just have an urge to put my words into text form and send them out to the world. And by world, I mean to the one person who reads my random drabble.

So, today I am writing. I have no lunch break today, as we are crunching 3 days' worth of work into one day (as we are prone to do around here). My life at work is typically several weeks of boredom, followed by a week of relatively busy-ness. It's a random sort of life I lead. So, instead of taking lunch to go home and check on my puppy, I am taking a posting break. With pictures.

I have a feeling that I would have an urge to write, no matter what my life was like. I could see myself, homeless, helpless and alone, and sitting on a street corner, carefully scrawling into my notebook my tales of woe. Or, more likely, I'd somehow still have Father Mackenzie and I'd be like this guy:

By the by, we got a nice camera for our wedding shower, so there is a distinct possibility, I might actually start including some of my own photos on here, instead of stealing everything from Ffffound. (Which, also, by the way, I would love to be a part of, but you have to be invited. Instead, I just save random pictures as they come up. Oh well.)

I actually sat down with the camera and its manual, and began the process of trying to understand how everything works. The trouble is, this manual is for people who don't care what the acronyms stand for. I do. So, there are sentences like "Set it to a lower setting, such as F-6 for a room with more light." F? What the F?? There's something called ISO, and something called AV. For God's sake, they had a sentence that says, "You can set your AF to three settings, or you can set it on MF." It took me five minutes to realize they were talking about auto-focus and manual focus. Stupid. Instead, I resorted to my other manual - Greg. He's slowly but surely teaching me what all the little acronyms are for and how to determine what you should use in each situation. Hopefully by the honeymoon, I'll have it down.

[Did this make anyone else giggle?]

I suppose my ten minutes of writing catharsis must end sometime. My day is just half over, so we technically only have about 1.5 days' worth of work left to do (I hope). It seems we always have the worst day on Fridays, no thanks to the executives we work for. They decide if we have to have a book of reports FedEx-ed no later than Friday, that they'll get us the report Friday morning. Nevermind that we have to make 40 copies of each, assemble them in binders, label them and send them out. Surely that only takes a few minutes, right? Actually we can, but we just have to stay late to get it done. Damn my "can-do" attitude!

Everything via Ffffound. Of course.

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