Monday, August 25, 2008

Some Tidbits

Usually Fridays are the day that I slack a little, write up a few posts, and basically glide through the day unnoticed. Last week, however, we had a fairly crazy week, and I barely had time to get my regular work done, much less do so AND slip in some post-writing in the process. Instead, I catalogued a few things for mentioning on this very lazy Monday morning.

1.) Friday midday, I overheard a very rich man, talk to a school principle about his son’s education. He’s talked about not wanting his son “taught to a standardized test” and how his imagination should be “encouraged and not quelled.” He emphasized that he should be getting a “wealth of experiences” and “be free to express himself.” He seemed especially upset that his son’s teacher is too stuffy and straight-laced and wanted someone younger who could “take on the world.”

He sounded as if this was a matter of life or death, with the seriousness in his voice. And I would be totally on board with him if I didn’t know one little fact: His five-year old son begins his first day of kindergarten today. I don’t know about you, but I thought learning that 100 popcorn kernels looked like a lot less than 1000 popcorn kernels was “taking on the world” when I was that age.

2.) We have a company who comes in and makes custom blinds for our gianormous windows around the office. One gentleman who works for this company makes me smile every time I see him. He is a walking caricature. Picture a 1950s greaser in your head, and you have this guy pinned. From his stylishly graying pompadour, to the rolled up sleeves of his button-down, short sleeve shirt, to the butt-hugging jeans rolled up over faded leather boots, he is right out of Grease; just give him a leather jacket, and he could be a T-Bird. All that’s really missing is the pack of cigarettes hanging out in that rolled-up short sleeve. I find him weirdly attractive, in that way I find John Travolta as Danny attractive. I do my best not to talk to him too much, because if he doesn’t have John Travolta’s voice, the illusion is gone.

3.) The wedding is approaching so fast, that I’m starting to have little panic attacks each day. Not big ones mind you, but little tiny, oh-dear-there’s-so-much-to-do moments. We started addressing the invitations yesterday, and after another good hour or two, I should be done. I’m going to pick up stamps at the post office while I’m at lunch, and then hopefully get them in the mail by Wednesday, with the exception of a select few whose addresses I don’t yet have. I’m just so ready for the wedding to be here and be happening; I’m tiring quickly of all the preparation. The last big milestone before the big day is my bachelorette party in a few weeks, and then it’ll just be three more weeks until the wedding. Oh dear.

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