Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ah, honeymoon

I am that girl who goes to the bookstore and buys yet another journal she doesn't need. I have this ache to just purchase these books full of blankness so I can concieve a reason to fill them. I have a dream journal, a "boy" journal, a daily journal, and a travel journal. I find great joy in locating just the right book, which lays flat as I write, and has delicately lined pages.

And this girl who has about a thousand empty journals at home? Didn't bring one on this trip.

I am sans paper and pen, sans anything to chronicle this trip. I tried finding a notebook in a local shop, but anything with paper is outrageously expensive because of the picture of a frog and the spunky declaration that it's from "Costa Rica!!" on the cover.

So, to satisfy my need to write things down, here I am, sitting in an un-airconditioned room, typing on a European keyboard which does not actually use the European lettering. Finding any symbols is an act of pure memory, as there is a question mark on the button which actually turns out to be the dash.

So some highlights, as I don't want to spend much time in here away from my husband and all the fun we're having:
  • Rain. That's what I will remember from this trip. Apparently October in Costa Rica? Peak of the rainy season. It has rained all but about 12 hours of our first three days here. Still, I can't think of a better reason to cuddle up in our room, watching HBO and Cinemax, the only two English stations on our TV.
  • We took a canapy tour today. This involves donning a safety harness which has been through dozens of rains, ill-storage and are of questionable integrity. Still, the tour was great. No one died, and we spent a lot of time zip-lining through the trees with three other honeymooning couples.
  • Food. I have been being such a good girl for the last few months, that I'm really letting loose on this trip. Beer in the middle of the day, eating things with white sauce, scarfing chips when we're in the hotel room. I deserve it, so no judging.
  • And speaking of our hotel - how perfect is it? We're alone here, from what I can tell, and it's absolutely marvelous. Quiet, with the occasional bark from the watch dog. The owners know us by name and know precisely when we come and go, so that our room is magically cleaned without us ever seeing the housekeeping.
  • Ah, the roads. They are mostly dirt around here, so think torrential downpour + land sloping toward the sea + dirt roads, and you get waterfalls where there should not be waterfalls. It's like off-roading on the actual road. Fun, too, when your husband has to drive a stick, which he's only done precious few times in his life. No one said I wasn't adventurous.
  • Listening to Greg speak spanish has been one of the highlights of the trip. Greg, who has been fluent ever since he spent a year in Spain, never uses his spanish in Oklahoma. He feels awkward trying to communicate with waiters in spanish, and even when given the opportunity, he shies away. Here, though? He has shown me just how awesome he is. Already, I'm sure, he's saved us from being swindled. It's harder to swindle someone who can understand your language.

I'm sure I'll write more later, with pictures included, but I wanted to make sure there was at least a tiny bit of information on my honeymoon. Otherwise, it will vanish into the abyss like so many other trips I've taken in my life. Because this forgetting a journal thing is kind of a habit. Did I not mention that?

P.S. The wedding was perfect. There will be blogging about it later, but right now, I want it to stay the dream that it was. Perfect, beautiful, and completely appropriate for the kind of people Greg and I are.

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