Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today I am trying not to hold my breath.

Today I am trying to take a moment to bring myself back out of the clouds.

Today, I get married.

I woke up this morning at 6:30, despite a bedtime at almost 1:00 last night. I'm going to feel that later, I know. The coffee is brewing in the kitchen, making that lovely gurgling sound that lets you know soon you will be infused with caffeine and feel less like a lump and more like a superhero.

The wedding is at 3:00. My hair dresser arrives in half an hour. Am I nervous? Yes. Am I excited? Yes, but my nerves win out. I woke up with my stomach already in knots. Not because of what I'm about to do, but because of everything that could go wrong or I could forget.

So, today I just wanted to make a little post in my quiet time, to look back and understand how I felt the morning of my wedding. I feel ready, but my stomach is turning backflips like they're going out of style. My heart is filled up with the lovely toast that my non-mushy father gave last night, which made everyone with any heart at all cry like a baby. He asked me for just one more tea party, and suddenly I realize how much I will miss him, even if I'm not really going anywhere.


Joslyn said...

what a lovely, lovely post. congrats on your wedding!

p.s. when you're back from your honeymoon send me your address as you won the ilse crawford books...

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

just found yr blog - right at the verge of a lovely day for you- congrats...