Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is it Monday again? Or is it just me?

I know sometimes meetings have to be rescheduled. Sometimes it just can’t be helped. But the first thing I did this morning? Rescheduled a meeting. Five times. Granted, one of those times was entirely my fault, but the other four were not. Let me recount a conversation for you with the sweet older lady I work with; we’ll call her Mary Tyler Moore, because that’s who she reminds me of:

Mary Tyler Moore: Oh, Jenn. The Young Gun [our boss] can’t meet at 10:00; he’s got another meeting at 10:30.
Me: Hm. Well, I’m not sure he’s really necessary to the meeting. I think he was invited out of courtesy. Maybe they could finish it up without him.
MTM: Yes, but I wanted to hold that time at 10:00, too, because the 9:00 meeting always runs late.
Me: Alrighty.

I spend a few minutes looking through the meeting scheduler in Outlook and find (miraculously) a time when everyone is available. I hurry and schedule it before the mystical thing poofs into oblivion.

A few minutes later…

MTM: Oh, Jenn. The Young Gun is out of town that day.
Me: It didn’t show him out of the office in the meeting planner.
MTM: Yes, but I put it in at the top of the day. [I look and, indeed, there is a tiny note at the top of the calendar that says only "Young Gun Out."]
(Note here: There’s this lovely feature in Outlook; if someone is out of the office, you simply select “out of office” on availability, and the entire day turns purple, so people know you are completely unavailable. Mary Tyler Moore never uses this, hence people request meetings left and right on days the Young Gun is out, because his schedule looks clear from the meeting planner.)
Me: I can’t see that in the meeting planner, though; in the meeting planner, it looks like he’s free.
MTM: Well, I just can’t remember to put that on there every time [i.e. EVER].
Me: Well, do you mind if I change it to show he’s out of the office?
MTM: (hesitates) I…guess…

I’m not sure what her resistance is with this. Maybe she hates purple? Likes the control factor of turning down meetings and saying, “Sorry! The Young Gun is out!”? Or maybe (and this is the most likely culprit), she doesn’t know how to use Outlook or how much others rely on it being up-to-date.

Whatever it is, it drives me a little crazier every day. To the point that I wish I could drink at work. Preferably something strong.

On the upside, there's always something out there to make me laugh:

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