Monday, November 17, 2008

Oklahoma's Got Game

There are two blogs that I am kind of obsessed with right now. If you haven’t heard of them, you should have, and if you have, then I applaud you. I must include a warning here. Both these bloggers are living in Oklahoma. And, of course, that’s part (a HUGE part) of why I love them. Love them to the point of being stalkerish. Really.

The Pioneer Woman

This site, run by a prarie mom, rancher wife and photo-demonstrative chef has probably provided me hundreds of hours of instruction and entertainment. This is one of those bloggers who has catapulted to celebrity status in my mind. Ree Drummond lives in rural Oklahoma, on a ranch with her own personal Marlboro Man and country children, far away from the comforts of a city life.

When most people think of what living in Oklahoma must be like, this is probably what they think of. I like to fulfill people’s fantasies, but only sometimes. When I do, I send them here for a “typical” picture of life in Oklahoma. I don’t ride a horse every day (and neither does she), but at least their stereotypes are somewhat safe for now.

  • The Pioneer Woman is in the process of writing a romance novel. Except that it’s not a novel. It’s real life; it’s her life. It’s all about how she and her Marlboro met, fell madly in love in only two weeks and she went from a metropolitan, Chicago-bound young woman to a wife on the prairie. Read From Black Heels to Tractor wheels: A Love Story. Trust me. It’s worth it.
  • The Pioneer Woman cooks, too. And if you’re like me and you need visuals when learning to prepare a new dish, you will be floored when you look at her recipes. She takes pictures of every bit of the action as she prepares the dish. How she places the butter around the casserole just so, making it gooey in all the right places. And – most importantly – what the dish looks like when it’s all said and done. I’ve gotten a good amount of milk and flour on my computer since I found this site, but I can safely say I’ve not found anything that compares to the thoroughness she provides. Go here to check it out. (And an added bonus for women like me, she loves REAL butter, HEAVY cream, and doesn’t shy away from salt. Yum.)
  • In addition to these two favorite parts of Ree’s site, she also includes information on how she homeschools her kids, her photography, and her developments in home and garden. Overachiever.

Design Crush

Now this is the website I send everyone to when I want to fly in the face of stereotype. When I want to prove that YES, some of us in Oklahoma do enjoy elements of art, design and fashion. We’re not living in the dark ages, and we’re not the Okies John Stienbeck created in everyone’s eyes. (No offense to Steinbeck, because I love Grapes and, well, pretty much everything he wrote.)


  • The Daily Eat. Every day, Kelly of Design Crush offers up a recipe, following a theme. This week’s theme? (God help me) Sweet potatoes. Last week’s theme was chocolate.
  • Multiple Postings. Many people are too busy to post more than once a day, or just too inept at using their blogger site (ahem…), but each day there’s usually two or three little morsels of fun from Design Crush. Just enough to make you click around, but not so much that you feel like your Google Reader is going to short circuit. Like Goldilocks – it’s just right.


Anonymous said...

Would you be super jealous if I told you that I have met the Pioneer Woman AND her MM!!! :) She is awesome. I can't get enough of her site!!!!!!!!!! Are you making anything off her page for Thanksgiving? If so, what?

Jenn said...

You HAVE told me and I AM jealous. And yes, my Thanksgiving meal is going to be mostly her recipes. It gives me a reason to serve two dishes based around whiskey as a main ingredient.

I don't even feel a little guilty.

Kelly said...

thanks for the mention! i'll be snooping around your blog from now on, too. :)