Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Wedding - In pictures

So, the pictures are finally up from my photographer. And, because I love them so much, I'm sharing them everywhere I can. Sorry for the very photo-heavy entry, and for the immense length, but I had to choose just a few of the 618 pictures to post here. That was a bit difficult, since about 610 of them were just awesome. So here we go -- my wedding day in brief:

The Mansion - built in 1920, it didn't need much dressing up. Greg and I fell in love with it on our first visit and signed up right away.

The dress before I put it on. I loved this picture. You can see the beautiful color of the bridal suite, where my girls and I spent a few hours before the wedding. It was lovely.

My father walked me down the stairs to take some pictures, because the dress was so huge and hard to navigate. It was good practice for my grand entrance later, which was down some stairs off of a deck.

I love this picture of my parents and I, because I have such a genuine smile. My father has a look of, "Yeah, I guess she is my daughter." I'm not sure what I'm laughing at, but it probably involved my brother doing something dumb in the background.

I wish I had been laughing at this. But believe me. I laughed when I finally saw this picture. We had some playful groomsmen.

Of course, the bridesmaids had their own sort of fun. This is our Abby Road walk. It's a mirror image, basically, because we did it all backwards. There's even a VW in the background. Megan, my maid of honor and best friend just couldn't resist asking for the shot, and I'm glad she did. It turned out pretty sweet.

And then we got married. Holding hands through the whole thing.

We sealed it with a kiss, which - as I'm sure you know - is a little more official than a handshake.

After it was all over, I got pretty excited. Or maybe that was the wind in my dress...

After wedding we had his cake - shaped like his Wacom tablet, which he uses to make all sorts of cool things.

And this was my cake. It was a little classier, but only a little.

While everyone stared at our cakes, Greg and I did some more kissing here...

...and there.

I was pretty excited when my niece stopped being afraid of me. She was terrified by my huge dress, but eventually she looked at my face and realized, Hey! It's Aunt Jenn!

By far, the best money I spent on the wedding was for pedicabs. They were adorable, helpful, and didn't take tips from our guests because it was "taken care of." Best of all, they were inexpensive and very classy. If you're in the Oklahoma area, I definitely recommend them: Golzern Pedicabs. It's a fabulous and whimsical alternative to valet, and makes a great photo opportunity.

At the end of the day, Greg and I rode off into the sunset in our aqua pedicab, kissing all the way.

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