Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Welcome to our tiny, kitschy home

Remember when I said we were going camping? Well, we did. It was cold. It was fun. It involved a ton of marshmallows, a dog, and a new husband. And now, [drumroll please], I present to you....

Our camper:

And a dog. And a husband.

The camper was made in 1981, and it has that late-70s vibe. All browns and oranges and goldenrods. I love it.

[p.s. does anyone else have a terrible time inserting pictures in blogger? it inserts a crazy amount of space every time I put in a photo. formatting nightmares abound.]

1 comment:

The Lil Bee said...

That looks so fun to me! And I like the idea of an old camper. Tents in the woods are a bit too rustic for me!