Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What? More presents?

It's Christmas time. When all of us bring out the best consumer in ourselves. Shopping like maniacs. Practically slapping other human beings in order to be the last one to get the Tickle-Me Elmo of the year. We’re all greedy and glutinous and, well, I love every minute of it.

Greg and I spent the weekend turning our house into a winter wonderland. Since it was our first year with a house together, we were pretty stoked about putting up lights, and adorning any open surface inside the house with cheeky elves, rosy-faced Santas, and cutsey snowmen. There are even some twinkly lights on our four-poster bed.

So, in the Christmas spirit, I spent my lunch hour doing some quick shopping, and Greg and I will head out this evening to try to take care of our families in one fell swoop. Last year we did it all in one go, and then spent a day or two wrapping everything. Maybe this year we’ll even watch a Christmas movie while we get it done. Or maybe we’ll end up watching episodes of Battlestar Gallactica from Netflix. (I already told you I was a nerd – don’t judge.)

In that vein, I give you my wishlist for the year. Be prepared. It’s kind of lame:
  1. An iPhone – Yes, the desire for an iPhone has finally outweighed the desire to NOT pay for the data plan.

  2. Wii Fit – I’m all about Brain Age, so this is kind of like Body Age. And, it’s like having a trainer without paying $75 an hour to have him beat you up and call you a pansy.

  3. A pair of brown or black leather gloves – I think these Coach gloves would work quite nicely. You know, if I didn’t live in a world where $158, cashmere-lined gloves were just a fairytale, since the first thing I will do is lose one.

  4. Black/Brown/argyle trouser socks – Yes. I’m this boring. But I need them!

  5. Office supplies – Because my mom tends to pack my stocking with candy. Candy which I then eat. And regret. Though, the candy would be forgiven if I also got a Wii Fit.

  6. Interesting jewelry – my tastes are usually very plain, but I love jewelry. I just won’t buy the interesting things for myself. I need someone else to do it. If someone bought me something from this shop, I’d probably wear it to death. But I’d never buy anything like that for myself. Or maybe this ring? It would be my new favorite. I just can’t do it on my own.
  7. A good, large-ish jewelry organizer, something that easily holds long necklaces without getting them tangled, because despite my problem with buying boring jewelry, I actually have a lot of good stuff that is too tangled in the bottom of the jewelry box for me to dig out in the mornings. The umbra bijou tree at Amazon would be perfect, or this pottery barn tree.

  8. An electric charcoal starter for the chiminea – We’ve only used our chiminea once due to the fact that it seems impossible to get a fire going in it. Hence the need for an electric, a-dummy-could-use-this starter.
  9. Any of the Cook’s Illustrated cookbooks (i.e. Baking Illustrated, Best Recipe Series books) – These are by far my favorite cookbooks ever. They’re very scientific about the recipes. I love reading Cook’s illustrated because they demonstrate WHY you have to let the dough chill, and what happens if you don’t. They’re books written for the skeptics, who think preheating can be bypassed and letting the dough “rest” can’t have any practical purpose.

  10. Pashminas, or knock-offs. I love my white pashmina, and it’s looking desperate about now. Plus, I need some color in my life.

  11. Sleeping Beauty on DVD – I’m always a Disney kid at heart.

There you have it. My wish list. And if it’s like any other year that I’ve actually made a wish list, I will get exactly 0 things on it. Usually because everyone comes up with ideas that are even better than my lame-o list. The buggers.

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