Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Success!

Christmas is over. And I survived.

Six words I wasn’t sure I’d be able to utter after this, our first year to host Christmas at our house.

We kept it simple. I hijacked recipes from
The Pioneer Woman left and right, and wound up with a very simple, delectable meal, as previously planned. Everything was cooked (almost) to perfection. The ham tasted wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of the pineapple dressing. And Pearl’s rolls were dense and delicious.

After dinner, we opened presents for six hours (or at least it felt like it), and I scored some pretty sweet stuff. Of the things I asked for, I got a jewelry box, Sleeping Beauty, socks (though they weren’t the kind I really needed, but cute all the same), office supplies and pashminas. Two separate people looked for Wii Fit, but were unable to find it. I figure the things I didn’t get will go on my Birthday wish list in six months. Well, except for gloves. Don’t know what I would do with gloves in June.

By 7:30 on Christmas Day, both Greg and I were exhausted. So I, being the loser that I am, settled into bed at 7:30 with Twilight, and counted on falling asleep no later than 9:00. Instead, at 10:30, I was still engrossed and had to force myself to stop. I finished the book on Saturday, and Greg and I immediately went out to buy the next in the series. I think I’ll be ordering the last two from Amazon, which is running a special on them.

All in all, the last five days have been exhausting, fun-filled and family-oriented. I’m looking forward to a week of Greg and I enjoying the quiet of our house, cleaning up the Christmas fallout, and eating things that are not leftovers from Christmas dinner.

Cheers to another successful year!

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