Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Business Time

Today, I will be productive. For a whole day. I was not productive yesterday. I was not productive the day before that. So today, I’m going to be productive. Here are some of the things I’m going to accomplish:

At work –
1. I will write the bazillion letters I’ve been putting off drafting for my boss.
2. I will empty out my inbox so that it is sparklingly clean.
3. I will empty out my “pending” file, insofar that it can be emptied.
4. I will review my email inbox and try to empty it, as well as my “follow-up required” emails, so I will have fewer of those lying around.

At home –
1. I will finish my laundry.
2. I will clean the mess that I call “My side of the bed.”
3. I will write at least 5 thank-you cards for the wedding, address them and get them in the mail tomorrow.

This doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is more than I’ve been able to accomplish lately, so I’m thinking it’s pretty good. On the list of things that I will do if I am successful in my productivity, and still have some time leftover:

- Begin putting together a Christmas cooking schedule
- Make a grocery list for next week; shopping to be executed no later than Thursday, in order to make the rice and corn casserole I’m making for Friday’s staff potluck
- Go through my stack of papers and whatnot that awaits me in the kitchen (nothing gets put off more than me filing papers and old mail)
- Take wedding money checks to the bank for deposit in Greg and my joint account

I know blogging isn’t necessarily a productive use of my time, but it is the only way I can hold myself accountable. I’ll think later today, “But three people (yes, I’m being optimistic) know I’ve made this commitment; I can’t back out now!!” I’m being optimistic. I’m being bold. I’m going to commit to doing something today.

Wish me luck.
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