Friday, December 26, 2008

Bah Humbug.

It’s the day after Christmas and where am I? I am sitting at my desk, not working. But not “not working” in the way I wish I were “not working.” You see, I knew I had to come in to work today. But I had imagined I would be alone. Like last year. Just me and 25 empty cubicles. Answering the phone that doesn’t ring the day after Christmas.

Instead, Mary Tyler Moore and her unshakable work ethic are both here. Sitting three feet away from me, in her cubicle which faces mine. Our arrangement is somewhat like this:

(Please ignore the lack of skills I have for drawing in paint. I got my point across, right? Right?!)

So, she faces me, I face her. She can’t quite see my computer screen (the little gray box), but she can see practically everything else on my desk and what I do. It’s insufferable. So the only solace I have is the illegal internet surfing I do today.

I had such a beautiful day planned. I brought in my Nintendo DS, ready to slack and play games all day. I brought Miles Davis for some background music, because usually it’s quiet as a tomb in my area. No music allowed. And with the phone ringing all day, I can understand that. But when I imagined I’d be alone, I had my plans. I would draft two letters (illustrating that I could do some work when alone), and then spend the remainder of the day building up the house for my Animal Crossing character while listening to Miles Davis play “Freddie Freeloader” like only he could.

Now, I’m stuck. I can’t do much of anything, other than stare at my computer, and pretend to work by typing away on my blog.

If there was any fairness in this world, I would be home right now, staring at the mess that is my house, eating leftovers all day long, and playing the new Wii games Greg got for Christmas. Or watching Greg play while I hungrily finish Twilight, which really is like crack for bookworms. But we all know that life isn’t fair. Especially those of us who work in healthcare

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