Friday, December 26, 2008

There are no words.

I have discovered I world where a poodle could end up looking like this:

The only thing more wrong in this picture than the fact that the poodle has been made into a camel, and looks like it is plotting a messy demise for the three women pictured, is that the Amazon thought it would make things better to wear an "Arabian Princess" costume. Let's hope she doesn't think she could ride the camel. Things would end very, very badly.

And then there's this. I try to imagine that after this picture was taken, the dog proceeded to open its mouth and consume the hand posing his head at that angle. Who knows -- maybe when the owner gave him the lobotomy, he stopped caring what cartoon character she made him into each time his hair grew to a shapable length. Perhaps he enjoys living the life of a topiary.
If you haven't had enough, there are a few more pictures here.

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Joel said...

I love dogs, but I used to have a problem with certain breeds--pit bulls and poodles and dobermans and yippie dogs and such. It finally occurred to me that the biggest problem with dogs is humans. Humans who train their dogs to maim and kill. Humans who torment and abuse. Humans who abandon or neglect. Humans who treat their pets like gods instead of animals. Humans who pamper in ridiculous and unhealthy ways. Humans with clothing fetishes. Humans who turn their pets into topiary.

And I'm sure their are topiary canine companions and yippie dog worshipers who will be upset with me for equating them with pit bull breeders. So sue me.