Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I love Disney.

I’m truly, utterly, astoundingly addicted to Disney. But let me clarify before you think I’m too much of a nerd.

I don’t wear Disney shirts every day. I don’t have Disney plushie toys all over my house. I don’t have a Disney purse. My Disney movies are not prominently featured in my living room. And I don’t obsess over the cartoons or the movies or anything along those lines. My Disney fetish is quiet. I have a Mickey Mouse teapot, but you wouldn’t know it was Disney at first glance. We have a bunch of Disney coffee cups, which stay in their cabinet unless we’re drinking from them. And my Disney t-shirts were all bought for me by others. I only wear them around the house.

I like to buy things that are subtle, that have class and character. Nothing bright that screams “I LOVE DISNEY MORE THAN LIFE!!”

But that screaming? I’m doing it right now in my head. For our first anniversary, Greg and I are talking about going to Disney World – the very place where we got engaged. Last time we were there, however, we were sharing a condo with Greg’s whole family, and this time it will be just us. A trip where we can dictate when we get up, when we go to bed, where we go each night and what we do all day. I’ve visited Disney several times on my own, and I worked there as part of the Walt Disney World College Program when I was a freshman in college. But I’ve never gotten to go to Disney as my own family unit. I’m really excited about having a few romantic dinners, about planning a couple of evenings where Greg and I can really just bask in the wonderfulness that is our marriage.

So on this Monday, my distraction from the fact that everyone else in the free world seems to have the day off but those of us who work in a hospital, I am mentally planning our vacation in 9 months. It’ll be a grand time, if I have my way, and I’m looking forward to every minute of it.

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