Thursday, January 22, 2009

Holy Public Domain, Batman!

I have been feeling pretty down the last few days. Between a 5-day headache (what’s with THAT?) and the suffocating experience I call work, it hasn’t been my greatest hour.

Fortunately, today things are looking up. I think it may have to do something with the fact that I got exercise last night, had a nice dinner with my parents and have a brewery tour to look forward to tonight. Free beer? Check. On a weeknight? Check.

Oh, but now that the headache from hell is gone, some mysterious pains have appeared in my side. In the region of the kidney. But I am going to say it’s NOT the kidney, because that could mean an infection or kidney stones (shudder). I tried Advil this morning, but to no avail. I’m giving up all faith in that drug, as it has done me ABSOLUTELY no good for anything in the last week. Luckily the Skittles did the trick.

And finally, thanks to the wonders of the internet, I started to classes this week without ever stepping foot in the classroom. One of my professors is named Jane [not her real first name] Martens, Ph.D. She prefers that we cal her Doc Martens, assigned a graphic novel about public domain and law as an assigned reading, and gave us our syllabus in Comic Sans font. I’m still trying to decide if she’s awesome or crazy. (Up until the Comic Sans, I was leaning toward awesome. We’ll see…)


DocMartens said...

Inherited Comic Sans font for the syllabus from the professor who previously taught the course: perhaps now I'll make a change in the final syllabus, given that a typography addict has called me on it. (Which also gives me a good excuse to go watch "Helvetica" again!)

Jenn said...

Oh thank God; I'm glad it was inherited Okay, so I'm leaning back toward awesome. You have a semester to prove it to me. :-)

And Helvetica is such a fun documentary. I got my husband a coffee mug in helvetica from that cracks me up. It would totally redeem you of the Comic Sans offense.

DocMartens said...

Hmmm. See also:

Perception of Fonts

Jenn said...

That's interesting. I do find that I tend to attribute attitudes to font. For example, I find that serif fonts are more "serious" or "scholarly." Perhaps this is because Times New Roman is what we were asked to use for all papers throughout high school. This is an interesting look at how we view font families.

Greg (my husband) is an artist/graphic designer/sculptor/topography addict, so I notice fonts a lot more than I used to with him around.