Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pretty Pictures

I feel uninspired at work almost every day. It’s a fairly desolate feeling. I know that I’m not happy at my job when I sort of begin to envy everyone whose lost theirs. I mean, in today’s economy, I should really be jumping for joy that I have a job at all, and that – on top of that – it pays well and doesn’t demand too much of my time. I’m in job heaven, really.

But it’s hard to feel like you’re in job heaven, when you spend every day slogging through tasks that bring you no joy, no excitement and often leave me feeling anxious and frustrated. But that’s in my job description, I think. I spend my day making sure the people I work for get every little thing they want, whether it’s changing conference rooms at the last second (requiring me to shuttle people and equipment in heels only because one room is “nicer” than another room), or scurrying to the cafeteria to buy bottled water for some executive I don’t know or like, or recreating a 40-page PowerPoint from scratch because someone thought it looked “sharp.”

So, in an effort to inspire myself, here are a few things from that have brought me joy during relatively joy-less workdays.

America, Obama. Obama, America. Watch out for New Jersey -- he will cut you.

Maybe it's reading Twilight so much lately, but suddenly pale beautiful women mystify and excite me.

I was in love with Lisa Frank when I was in 5th grade. Well, not in love, but you know what I mean. Still, I don't know that I was every enough of a dork to wear one of these.

John Stewart as an American icon? Yes, please.

I can't decide if thise looks high-design or like it should be in a prison. I think it will wage a war in my mind forever.

Hahahahaha. Koopa? Zombie? HAHAHAHA.

This is the office I want. Greg, are you taking notes?


I like this idea. I think I'll try it.

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Chessa! said...

oh my friend...I know how you feel. My situation was a little different in that there definitely were aspects of my job that I found rewarding. But, even with things that were positive, the negative aspects and that feeling that something was just MISSING. It took me 6 months to decide to leave...most of it was that I needed to summon the courage to officially do it. You're not the first person to feel this way and you won't be the last...that was something that was very comforting
to me. The funny thing is that since leaving my Big Law job I've met so many professionals who have left their jobs to try something new.

I loved reading your comment on thelilbee and I loved coming here!