Monday, February 23, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Feeling pretty down today.

Got nominated for a scholarship, then proceeded to forget to submit the materials for it. Last week was so hellish and long, and it was the thing that got lost in the shuffle. I felt nauseous when I realized it. I could have had free money, the prestige of getting a scholarship, and the bragging rights. Instead I have an email saying I couldn’t send it in late, but would I like to fill out the form for other scholarship opportunities? To top it off, whatever faculty member nominated me (and I have a pretty good idea who it was) gets to learn that I wasn't even together enough to submit my information in time, I have to live with that disappointment. I have a feeling this was kind of a one-shot deal, and I didn't even bother aiming for the right target.

I hate when I forget the important things. I hate it even more when they’re things for my benefit.

Other things I’m neglecting to do right now that are making me feel pretty crummy:

1. Finish my thank you cards for the wedding gifts… from OCTOBER.
2. Take my dog to the vet for a booster shot…in JANUARY
3. Get my teeth cleaned, which hasn’t been done in more than 2 years.
4. Make an appointment with my girlie doctor.
5. Clean up my house, which I’ve routinely trashed and let Greg clear up after me.
6. Take my dry cleaning in, so that I can wear the shirts I haven’t worn in over a year.
7. Go grocery shopping so we can eat something other than garlic-stuffed olives and cheese toast for dinner.
8. Clean my car out, which is littered with old magazines, papers, receipts and boxes from varying events over the winter.
9. Make an appointment with a mortgage professional to find out if Greg and I will qualify for a home loan in the foreseeable future.
10. Pay my insurance for the items I bought on my FSA last year, for which they are now asking for receipts and which I do not have.
11. Do our taxes.

So here’s to an awful day, a craptastic week, and a disappointing month.

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