Monday, February 2, 2009

Information Interruption

So, as you well know, I have begun my education as an Information Junkie. I am getting as abstract as possible, and spending my evenings reading information about information. Crazy as it sounds, I love it so far. It’s fascinating to me. However, I understand if this is not as fascinating to you as it is to me. So, going forward, anytime I am about to embark on a school-related rant or rave, I will preface it with the above graphic (or a slightly cooler graphic that I will eventually make when I get more skillz). I feel it is only fair to give you this much warning. I would feel excessively bad if you began to read only to wake up three hours later with your keyboard ruined by drool.

Has school changed or is it just me?

I began “classes” last week. It was an exciting moment, opening up those online courses and beginning to understand what this semester will be like for me. So far, things look pretty good. There’s a decent amount of reading, a few papers, but nothing too exhaustive (i.e. no 20-page papers or multi-faceted projects to work on).

The one thing I found most interesting about beginning this semester is the vast difference between the two classes I’m taking. I haven’t been out of my bachelor’s program that long – just two and a half years. But I remember most of my classes being similar in approach. Readings, papers, short assignments. And one of my classes follows this format. It’s very straight-laced. The entire semester’s work is already posted, and it’s up to the student to slug through it all, completing readings, journal entries, quizzes and other things as assigned.

But my second class? I mentioned it briefly in an earlier post, but I continue being surprised by it. One morning I checked out the website to see if there was anything new I needed to read or work on, and there was a new link posted. I assumed it would be an article. Something dry. What I got was a video of the Colbert Report. Oh, how I needed a class like this during my junior year of college when I was reading 18 books of British women’s lit and spending 12 hours in the library researching some dead author’s work. I only hope the hits just keep on coming.

On top of all that, the professor actually found my blog and commented. And luckily I didn’t lambaste her too much. But the fact that the professor has her feelers out (Greg and I discussed how she found it – Google Alerts? Did I mention it somewhere that she would have seen? Is my full name actually associated with the blog?) is impressive. In my other class, I doubt the professor would be so engaged. No offense meant, of course.

So, Mr. Eliot, school has begun with a bang and a whimper. Who woulda thunk?

P.S. Even with the straight-laced class, I’m finding the readings enjoyable. I think I might have just picked the perfect career. Apparently information about information is just fascinating to me. I’m officially the geekiest person I know, and I love it!

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