Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Moment

You know how, very occasionally, you see a moment to finally give someone some clarity on an issue?

This happened Friday with the Young Gun (the boss of all my bosses). Each day, Mary Tyler Moore goes through his stack of things to sign and puts certain things into a “rush” folder, which she places in front of him near the end of the day. (We have to put the rush folder together because the Young Gun has an adverse reaction to signing things, much like the episode of the Office where Pam must get Michael Scott to sign to concurring sets of papers at once, to the result that everyone has to stay late waiting for the signatures.) These are the things that we’ve gotten repeated, “Has the Young Gun signed this YET?” requests about. All. Day. Long. These people are so anxious for their pieces of paper, they think it’ll help to make our lives that much worse by asking about them as often as possible. But that’s a different blog.

So, I told Mary Tyler Moore that she could go on home on Friday, and that I’d get him to sign the things in his rush folder. I wasn’t in any hurry, because Greg was going to be running late, so I took my time about shutting things down for the week. I walked in to get the Young Gun to sign the few things I had while he chatted with a VP, who we’ll call Mr. Clean.

There were only three things in the folder, so the Young Gun looked at me and said, “Is there anything else I have to sign? I can get some of it done while Mr. Clean and I wrap up.”

This is one of those moments. Like when you find a $100 bill on the street. Or you see a car pulling out of the perfect parking place at the mall during Christmas rush. Or you discover that your cancer has miraculously disappeared and you have your whole life instead of only two weeks to live. Yes, it’s that huge.

I said, “I'll go look!” and ran back out of the board room and into his office, grabbed the three file folders FILLED to spilling over with things to sign. Stacked on top of one another, it amounted to about four or five inches of paper. I was giggling as I ran back to the meeting with Mr. Clean and the Young Gun. Sticking my head in again, I said seriously, “You asked if you had anything else to sign?”

Then I walked in, massive folders practically spilling over with every form of document imaginable and dropped them on the table with an extremely satisfying “THONK!” The Young Gun looked up at me with this, “Oh my God” expression, and it took everything in me not to burst into huge belly laughs, although I did giggle. A lot. Maybe I should have felt bad, but really? Not so much.


Joel said...

He actually signed them all?

Great story. And great "Office" tie-in. I was chatting with an acquaintance the other day. She told me that she didn't really "get" the office, didn't think it was that funny. "Have you ever worked in a cube farm?" "Well, no."

Which once again proves that comedy is all about tragedy.

Joel said...

That's "The Office" in the fourth sentence of the second paragraph. I would delete, but it leaves a weird "deleted comment" note.