Monday, March 9, 2009

A Blogger's Dream

Arlynn over at Fleur-De-icious gave me an award!

Now I’m standing here with my shampoo bottle as a stand-in for my Pulitzer Prize, and I’m prepared for a little impromptu acceptance speech:

I couldn’t have done this without Monica Gellar (
this time, or this one), or Mary Tyler Moore, or The Young Gun (who has been instrumental in the myriad of stories I tell). My life is truly amazing, sometimes weird, and always unpredictable. But at least I can find the humor in it.

I couldn’t ever limit my love for blogs for just 10 (come on, people, I have over 40 on my blog roll as it is!), so I’ll cite just a few that I’m really loving right now, so you can go love them, too.

Tales from the Ground - Formerly “Tales from the Sky-Mom” a stewardess-turned-science teacher keeps me smiling with her children’s antics and her supermom style. And, well, now she’s one of my cousins, so I’m sort of forced into liking her, right?

Petunia Face - The writing on this blog makes me envious. If I could be Jill, I think I would. And considering her woeful joblessness and constant struggle with the world around her, she might find that odd. Still, to have her sense of humor, her incredible talent at writing, and a beautiful family would be a dream in so many ways.

Little Brown Pen - Living in Paris and working as a writer? Can I have her life, too? (Mind you, she writes marketing copy, but still…) Plus, her photographs of the city make me wish I were standing beside her while she took them, rather than half a world away, drooling on my keyboard and subsequently shorting out my laptop.

Regardez Moi
- Her updates have been few and far between lately, but her writing is so funny that on a good post, I turn red trying not to lose my shit at my desk. So do me a favor and let her know you want more. Because I do.

The Pioneer Woman – You probably know her already. She’s amazing. Not only does her site contain a blog (Confessions of a PW), blow-by-blow cooking help (The PW Cooks), gardening advice, home renovation, and so much more. She knows how great she is. Hell, she made it into Time’s Top 25 blogs! If that’s not having it made, I’m not sure what is.

I'll post more as the year goes by, I'm sure. I love to share the blogs I love with others. It's only fair that everyone gets a crack at them.

And thanks, Arlynn, for the wonderful pick-me-up for a very exhausted Monday!

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Stewardess Wannabe said...

Thanks for the shout out, b-ya! I'm absolutely obsessed with your blog. I have to read it outloud to whoever is in the vacinity. You guys must come down and visit sometime!