Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hop, Skip, and a Jump....or just send an email and forget it

Her desk is no more than 20 feet away. About 14 steps. Or 8 steps and a normal inside-voice. But rather than take those 8 steps to our desks and say things out loud, Monica Gellar prefers to send us this email:

I’m going to step out for a quick errand

Monica Gellar
Executive Assistant, Administration
The Company

...then proceeds to sneak around the back way, taking approximately 20 extra steps in order not to be seen as she was leaving. Her email hit our inboxes shortly thereafter. How weird and unneeded that whole charade was.

I had a passive aggresive moment the other day, when she emailed me to tell me, casually, that she got accepted to a program to get her bachelor's in nursing, with a June start. A normal person would have responded with a resounding congratulations. In fact, others have suggested we send flowers of congratulations. To a girl who already has a bachelor's in biology from a private university. Who is now going to a state university in one of those accelerated programs designed for college dropouts who realized a bachelor's degree in nursing would earn them more than a job at McDonalds.

What I really wanted to do was reply and say, "Yes, well, I started working on my master's degree five weeks ago. Whoop-dee-doo. Would you like a cookie?"

What I did was refuse to dignify her gloating with a response at all. That's my way of being adult and still finding a way to stick my tongue out at people I don't like.

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