Friday, March 13, 2009

One-Minute Musing

New pet peeve about Monica Gellar: she has no sense of humor. For instance, a sample exchange:
Setup: Monica’s desk is covered with stacks of paper everywhere, as she assembles notebooks for training that day.

Random passerby: Hey, Monica! Killing a few trees I see?
Monica: Yes, well, we have this class this afternoon, and Susie requested that I put together all these folders, and I know it’s a lot of paper, and I asked her if we could do some of it electronically, but she really wanted the hardcopies, and then she also wanted it not printed double-sided because of the way the numbers fall on the opposite page and the hole-punching, so it turns out I have to include about fifty pages of copying for every folder, which meant I had to use these bigger folders which cost more than the small folder, so it’s really a much bigger project than she had said it would be at the beginning.
Random passerby (who is now awkwardly standing near Monica Gellar, not sure how to respond to what was supposed to have been a passing joke): Yes, well… have a good day?
Monica (oblivious): You, too!

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Sarah said...

That is so funny! It reminds me of people in my office! I can just picture this going on. Sounds like a great script for the Office. haha.