Thursday, March 12, 2009

One of THOSE Days

This morning I managed to:

A. Rip the extra stitch I put in the cuffed hem of my pants to keep me from catching my heel in the cuff, by catching my heel in the cuff. This resulted in me grabbing a needle and thread on the way out the door.

2. Have a really awkward moment with The Young Gun, when he came out of his office to see me with my foot on the desk, hemming my pants before my 9:00 meeting.

III. Forget my wedding ring, sending me back in from my already-started car in the driveway.

R. Forget my camera (to take pictures of Greg’s unveiling of a play area he built for the Tulsa airport, which is way cool), sending me back from halfway out of the neighborhood back to the house. Again.

42. Fill my coffee cup with cream and sugar only to find out there was no coffee in the coffee maker.

e. Make the coffee and subsequently spill hot water all over the counter when I took the filter out too soon.

(F7). Spill my entire cup of coffee all over my keyboard, digital frame, and phone, before my second sip. Miraculously, all the items still work.

Oh, and just to top things off, after a weekend of almost 80-degree temperatures, it’s snowing today. SNOWING. Everybody say it with me now: WTF?

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