Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Really? I mean, really?

A company-wide email was sent out today (at least a couple thousand email boxes) with this subject:

"With Our Most Deepest Sympathy"

Is it wrong that this really bothers me? Forget that it's an email aout someone dying. There's just something wrong with the syntax there.


Sometimes, I think I should probably resort my priorities.


Joel said...

It would have been cool if there were some kind of joke in there. I'm guessing not.

IMO, FWIW, this should bother you. But who am I to say? My priorities are messed up too; I read grammar blogs (it was nice to see you there, btw; hope I wasn't creepy; um, hope I wasn't too creepy).

Arlynn said...

That would bugg the shit out of me - look, it's even got me cursing & I'm just reading about it : )

Last night someone accidently sent out an e-mail to basically our entire company. It was meant to go out to a relative in Wisconsin (we learned that in the apology e-mail) and was a bit vulgar.