Friday, March 27, 2009

Words, words, words

Stuff like this really bothers me:

bi-week-ly [bahy-week-lee]:

1. every two weeks.
2. twice a week.

WTF? I went to YOU, to clear up the mess of biweekly. And you know what? You were no help at all. And Mirriam-Webster? I expected more from you. For shame.

I propose that biweekly have only one meaning going forward. It shall now be the equivalent of any good four-letter word. For example: "I hate this biweekly report!" or "I want to go biweekly, if you know what I mean, honey. Meow."


Joel said...

I'm absolutely sure that someone has already said this but I'm not sure I've ever heard it and I just can't help saying it now: "biweekly" is obviously bi. Speaking of "meow."

I'm a little disappointed that you don't recognize, tolerate and appreciate its choice of an alternate "lifestyle." I thought you kids were supposed to be hip to that sort of thing. Not that you're likely to call it "hip."

Jenn said...

You're right. Biweekly definitely swings both ways. I wonder if it'll hook up with semiweekly. It seems to know which way it's going, and maybe it could give biweekly a little life-lesson.

Joel said...

Very nice. Added bonus that semi sounds like it could be a Mack truck (consistent with a forceful sense of direction) and the possibility that bi is a trailer swinging of the hitch. And hitched.

My word verification is "trams." Not "trans" which would have been more brilliant. Still.