Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another House Update

The inspection went VERY well!

The major discoveries:

  • Wood rot at the supports in the basement
  • Water damage (signs of a previous leak) in the sub floor, as seen from the basement
  • Fence falling down in one corner
  • Wiring in the attic covered by insulation
  • Missing a pipe on the water heater
  • Missing cover plates for outlets in attic
  • Missing shingles on one side of the house
  • Water was not coming to one of the outside faucets
  • None of the outlets are grounded (ouch!)

Our realtor had his handyman come through after the inspection to give an estimate on repairs. With the exception of repairing grounds on the outlets, he’s able to fix everything for under what we’ve contracted with the seller. So, in short, everything’s getting done for free! (You know, except for that crazy amount of money we’re paying to get the house in the first place.)

I feel a huge weight off my shoulders now that we have that obstacle out of the way. The final stressor on my mind now is getting the actual, official “Yes, you can have that money!” from our mortgage lender. We went to see them last Wednesday and were warned that we would be getting a call from the underwriter for more documentation if needed. So far, my phone has been quiet. I can’t decide yet if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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