Monday, April 6, 2009

Attempt Number 2

Could this be...the one?

Sunday, at 2:00, Greg and I embarked on another house tour. Seventeen houses in 3 hours. We came across a few smelly ones, a few adorable ones, a few that were overpriced.

It’s such a whirlwind, looking at these houses, but this time around, we had a better idea of what we were in for. We knew the things to look for. (Is the laundry room in the detached garage? Is there enough space for Tonks? Do the floors need to be refinished? Are there cracks in the wall separating?) At the end of our search, we stopped to talk for a bit with the realtor, citing our favorites and making some pros and cons lists. We also discussed making an offer, something we didn’t do last time, to understand how we needed to go about it.

Greg and I left the realtor and discussed our options. Again, two houses really stuck out. They were very close to one another in neighborhoods, but the prices varied quite a bit. Square footage, too, was very different on each of the houses, resulting in a higher per-square-foot price on one.

We stopped for dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Agave, and did a little more debating. I was leaning toward the cheaper house. Greg was leaning toward the bigger and more expensive house. We laid out our arguments, made our cases, and – eventually – Greg won out.

With the last house, we learned our lesson. When you’ve made the decision, after your deliberation, make the offer. An offer is just an offer and it can be rejected by the owner, or pulled back by the buyer. So, that’s what we decided to do. We made the offer, signed it last night (after driving all the way home, and then all the way back to meet the realtor for the second time that day), and then commenced feeling queasy, scared, nervous and generally ill-at-ease.

I can’t decide if there’s something about the house I don’t like or if it’s just the fact that this is the biggest investment we have made to date (and bigger by, um… a lot, considering the only other investment we have made was in my wedding ring and our $8000 wedding). I still kind of like the other house, which – being smaller – may just make me feel more comfortable. More cozy. The other house has a lot more room and storage space, and I think that kind of scares me. Like I'll just spread out and fill it with crap I don't need. The basement, with all it’s creepy Saw-esque-ness and the beautiful backyard full of flowers (and a small pond!) that we will be likely to kill toute suite.

Anyway, we’ll be waiting on pins and needles for the next couple of days, hoping to hear “Yes! Your offer is awesome!” instead of, “What do you take us for? Idiots?”

Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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Arlynn said...

I LOVE this one!!! What a sweet tudor style home you've found, perfection!

I can't wait to hear the outcome : )

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!