Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Counter THAT!

So, we counter-offered their counter-offer.

Greg took another look through the house, after my dad did his best to scare us about the wiring in old houses. Greg and I both read up online about knob-and-tube wiring and the 1970s aluminum wiring that arcs, sparks and catches fire, and got sufficiently freaked out about it.

But yesterday, Greg visited the house, crawled up in the attic and explored the basement with a flashlight to look at all the wiring. It looked good, he said, and knowing he probably spent a good amount of time researching what it should and shouldn’t look like on the internet, I trust his opinion wholeheartedly.

There is so much to be scared about in old houses – faulty foundations, rotting wood, fire hazards of every sort, lead paint, and a ton more scary points.

But you’ve got to take the good with the bad, and this house is beautiful, it’s been updated, it seems to be well-kept (the kitchen features the original 1928 marble countertops. Wowza!), there’s a great addition on the house that includes a laundry room and a third bedroom/office, something that really makes it the house for us.

I’m going to be on pins and needles while we wait for the sellers to come back at us, with either swords drawn or white flag waving.

(What’s terrible is that I’m already combing through Craigslist, looking for a buffet for the dining room, a dresser for the bedroom, and anything else that will make our adorable home look even better at a nice price.)

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