Saturday, April 4, 2009

THE Desk

I'm sure you remember THE desk. I purchased it for $30 through a Craigslist advertisement. When I got a good look at the desk in person, I discovered that it was solid wood, heavy, with lots of character. I also discovered it was made for a little boy.

The handles didn't exactly scream of style. And they certainly didn't go with my idea of a nice desk. Hence, they were one of the first items removed.

Then the work began. I started by doing a quick sand of the entire surface, and began to prime it with a grey primer.
Greg decided to join me in the garage, working on some of his own projects. You see that little hammer?
This hammer came from a playset Greg had as a kid. It somehow managed to survive 20 years. It's from the days when kids were given real metal tools for play. And chemicals. And switchblades. You know, the good ole days. Luckily, this little hammer is perfect for small jobs, so we keep it around. That and, well... look how cute it is!

Although it may appear that Greg is doing all the work here, I promise I did most of the priming. He was just, um, finishing up for me... Seriously. My arms got tired, and he's just nice like that. Plus his little hammering job was over.
Strangely, I didn't take any pictures after priming it. I just jumped right in to painting it the nice charcoal color I found, installed the hardware and never looked back. So, without further introduction, here she is:

My desk! Execept that I don't use that chair. I use a purple office chair that looks awful with it. Just keepin it real. But for the picture I wanted it to look pretty, so I put one of our dining room chairs next to it.

I put a few books up, hid a hula frog in some greenery and now I have my desk. I love it to pieces. I also love the fact that I now have a nice place to display the Belleek single-service tea set my mother brought back for me from Ireland. And, since I was over in the British Isles, I thought it would be befitting to have my teapot sitting on a copy of some French poems and some Tennyson. Though maybe putting the English and the Irish in the same six inches isn't my best decision yet.

That's it! Maybe I'll get some other pictures up here today, while I'm just piddling around the house. Keep your fingers crossed that I decide to find another way to avoid doing the things I'm supposed to be doing. You know, like cleaning.

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Anonymous said...

Lookin' good! Great find and great job making it over.