Tuesday, April 7, 2009

House Update

So, our offer got a counter-offer. They want us to pay $5000 more, give us less money for repairs (for after the inspections are through and the inspector tells us what needs to be fixed), and not offer anything extra to get the worn hardwood floors refinished. Plus, the owners recently tried to get the electricity turned back on (a “mix-up” with PSO got it turned off, they tell us), and discovered that the city wouldn’t do it until they got their outside wiring up to code. So they’re spending $1700 to get that fixed.

The house was built in 1928, so only having $500 to pay for repairs is a little…iffy. Our realtor tells us that houses like this usually incur around $1500 in repairs, and we’re not sure we can be out that much money, especially if we want to get the floors refinished anytime soon.

Plus, the $1700 they’re wagging in our face, all like “Look what we’re doing for YOU!” is also a bit annoying. That repair is something they would have to do regardless if we were buying it or someone else bought it. It has to be done in order to get the electricity turned back on so that the house can have a thorough inspection. So, I don’t really count that as an expense that should be considered by us as an “extra” advantage.

Greg is going over to the house again tonight to look through the basement at the wiring situation, to make sure we’re not coming into a house that has wiring from the 50s, still. That would be a nightmare. But, if the wiring looks okay, we’re going to make a counter-counter-offer.

I talked to the realtor 3 times yesterday, conferred with both my mom and my dad, and Greg and I discussed it for a good hour or two. This house-buying business results in a lot of words being spoken, and my brain kind of hurts.

But I’m starting to really want this house.

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Matt and Megan said...

We (read: Matt) refinished the floors in our current house ourselves and it was quite a process, but not as scary as you may think. I'm just saying...

I hope you get the house! It's adorable!