Thursday, April 9, 2009

More on the house

So, you remember the facade....

But, I thought, in the spirit of optimism (you know, that it will pass inspection, that our loan will be approved, that the city won't go up in flames in the meantime), I thought I'd give you a few more looks at what we hope will be our new house.

First, the recently remodeled bathroom. I would never have thought to paint the ceiling blue, but it makes the room feel bigger somehow.

One of the three (!!) bedrooms. The glass door leads into the third bedroom, in a later addition to the house. It really functions as more of an office, and was obviously built in the 70s, judging by the wood paneling. I don't have a picture because (cleverly) it wasn't included on the listing website. Those minxes.

The kitchen. What you're missing in this picture is the black refrigerator. Oh God is it awful. Greg and I will be (hopefully) updating this bad boy as soon as we replenish our savings. I'm thinking that stainless steel would look nice in here. That may be a pipe dream, though.
One awesome feature of the kitchen is the swinging (!!) door between it and the dining room, which stays open if pulled to a certain point. How cool is that? I'll feel like I'm working in a 1950s diner.
And this is the backyard. This isn't the best view, but it was the best one they had. There's a small deck in that latticed area. To the left of the lattice are the stairs to our unfinished basement, where I'm sure many of our Christmas decorations will spend the summer. It'll be nice to store stuff down there knowing it'll stay cool enough NOT to melt. (Oh the joys of pulling your decorations from the attic only to realize they're covered in wax from the candle you left in the box in the attic over the 100-degree Oklahoma Summer.)
Note the BRIGHT blue bathroom sink. This must be from their bathroom before it was remodeled. It was fashioned into a self-replenishing bird bath, and has hoses running to it and everything. It sits over a tiny pond, which is adorable, but could use a little work. That thing will get craigslisted as soon as we move in. Anyone want it?

And, finally, the laundry room. If you had gone searching with us, you would understand my joys at this laundry room. First, it's attached to the house. We looked at MANY houses where the laundry was in the detached garage. Across the backyard. Second, it's NOT in the attached garage -- another popular location. And last, it's so bright. Our current laundry room is at the end of a windowless hallway. It's dark, and I hate going back there for any amount of time. This laundry is so cheery, that I wouldn't be at all hesitant to spend an hour in their folding and ironing and whistling. Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but at least I won't be doing my laundry in the living room just to have some light. Plus, the laundry is right off the kitchen -- so I can wallow in domestic activity. Baking, washing, drying, ironing, cleaning...

There will be more pictures to come, I'm sure, when we've gotten our own things in the house and we begin the process of designing it the way we like. But I'm really excited now, and I just hope it's smooth(ish) sailing from here on out!

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Arlynn said...

Yea, thanks for the pictures! It looks absolutely, adorably sweet, congrats!