Monday, April 27, 2009

My Guy

Only six months ago (the day after this photo was taken of us), I committed my life to this guy:

He’s the guy who holds me after I’ve had a bad day at work.
He’s the guy who can play a mean rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In” on harmonica, or a long, soulful tune with no real beginning or end.
He’s the guy who constantly surprises me with his talents.
He’s the guy who kills all the bugs in the house.
He’s the guy who has made some of the most wonderful paintings and sculptures I’ve ever seen.
He’s the guy who makes me laugh every day.
He’s the guy who runs our puppy ragged and teaches her new tricks so he can entertain his friends.
He’s the guy who encourages me to do what I love, and not just what I have to do.
He’s the guy who loves me, despite and because of my flaws.
He’s the guy who shares my love for reading, and totally indulges me on that front.
He’s the guy who I love wholly, who has surpassed every expectation of a husband, who has made this whole “marriage” thing feel like a dream from day one.

He's the guy who worked at Applebee's for four months rather than move away from me after graduating.
He’s the guy who, in 50 years, will be sitting next to me, holding my hand, and talking about what a crazy life we’ve had.
He’s the guy who I chose, and who chose me, and we’re both the better for it.

Today, I wish a very happy birthday to my guy.

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