Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One-Minute Musing

People at work have deemed me “The Excel Guru” and said I could have a future in IT.

My secret? The F1 button and a strong propensity to Google my problems. A recent search – “Mail merge percentage problem long number weird” – resulted in the exact answer I needed. Of course it was buried in a mile-long forum thread, but I found it.

So that’s my secret – I read what other people have written about how to do what it is I’m having problems doing. And I have the patience to sift through responses and refine my search criteria until I get the answer I need.

I’m just SOOO computer savvy.


Joel said...

Shhhh. Damnit, some of us have careers to protect.

No big worry though. Most people are too lazy and attention deficient to practice the secret ways of the IT ninja.

Matt and Megan said...

I can completely relate! It's amazing what you can learn if you actually look for the answers yourself. :)