Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goodbye to an Era

Today is Monica Gellar’s last day. Let me reflect on the things I will not miss:

1. The fact that she feels the need to lock her desk drawers, even while she’s sitting at her desk. God forbid someone try to steal her ink stamps (which she doesn’t use) or her files of everyone’s approved time off for the last two years. They'd wait until she's so furiously typing that she'd never notice someone opening the giant, clanging metal drawer to pilfer her goods.

2. Watching her stroll in nonchalantly every day around 8:40 with her roll-y bag. A bag which is larger than the one my father, the engineer, carries to work each day. Really, sister - your job is NOT that important.

3. Seeing her walk down the hall, swinging her arms from the elbows; it’s like watching her doing an elaborate march all day.

4. Her child-like haircut which lies flat on her too-small head, making it look even smaller.

5. The long, dangly necklace she wears at least twice every week, if not three or four times. With outfits that could have done without it.

6. Walking by to see her poring over the minutes she wrote with a highlighter, red pen, and blue pen. She could easily spend three hours meticulously correcting minutes which no one will EVER read.

7. Listening to her 80 excuses as to why every time her husband sniffles she has to stay home with him/go to the dentist with him/take him to the eye doctor/put a bandaid on his boo-boo.

Things I will miss about Monica Gellar:

1. She’s the closest to the entrance to our area, meaning anyone coming from that direction stops at her desk first to ask questions. Saves me a lot of breath.

2. The fact that she liked to track our budget, a duty which has fallen to me and I fear I will totally fail at. I’m not a numbers person.

3. All the blog posts she inspired by being so incredibly OCD. There are so many more good times that could have been had…

One-Minute Musing

Heard this morning on NPR during my drive to work, from a New York Times journalist:

“Even a small nuclear weapon can ruin your whole day.”

I concur.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another boring update.

I can't remember where I got this picture, but it makes me feel a teensie bit happier today.

It’s been light on the posting this week, and I apologize. Here is an update, in brief:

1. My hubby’s car was found at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. The thieves took it joyriding and left it in the parking lot of a rundown apartment complex. With the windows down. In the rain. The car is a little banged up, someone got razor-blade happy on the upholstery, and they were kind enough to bash the radio, too. Still, the car is drivable, and we’re saved from having to scrounge enough money to buy Greg something that won’t last for more than a couple of years.

2. We close on the house on Friday. (Eek!) While the original plan had been to spend a week or so sprucing up the place, after the car-knapping and the chilling knowledge that these people know where we live and have been inside both of our cars, I’m anxious to get away from the house. As a result, we’re going to be doing a super-fast renovation of a few key areas. A repaint of the bedroom (which we discovered on Sunday is a room of wallpaper that’s been painted over – yuck), the addition of a doggie door, and a floor buffing session may be all we attempt before we begin the big move on Sunday. Every night this week is filled with packing, packing and more packing. I’m hoping to have everything just about ready to go by Thursday night.

3. This is one of those weeks that is crazy at work. A board meeting, executives flying in every other day, lots of kowtowing and “Of course, sir”-ing, and waiting every minute to be told you’re doing it all wrong.

4. I’m feeling pretty ill today. If it were not a board meeting day, I would have called in. But as it is, there’s no way I would call in on a day like this, unless I was vomiting blood. It takes three of us to keep the 20 board members and senior executives who need everything from a document faxed to a doctor’s appointment made to a latte breve, easy on the foam. So I’ve been alternating between trying to work and staring hopelessly at the clock, waiting for time to pass.

Friday, May 15, 2009


It’s not been a fantastic week.

On Sunday, my husband’s car was stolen. From our driveway. While we were both home. Because my car was unlocked and I had a spare key to his car out in the open.

Can I feel worse? I’m not sure. Why don’t you try hitting me with a dead fish. I’m sure that could make things worse.

On Monday, Greg worked late.
On Tuesday, Greg was helping his grandfather move.
On Wednesday, I worked late.
On Thursday, we found out the closing date on our house has been pushed back to the 22nd.

I’ve been exhausted for most of the week.

I’m starting my period.

We now have to buy a car for Greg, even knowing that his car could randomly turn up in some parking lot, just fine and no worse for the wear. Nevermind that we just took out a huge loan for our adorable house. Nevermind that we have closing costs, moving costs, refurnishing costs, and we don’t know how much our monthly bills will be.

This weekend will be busy – packing, meeting up with some friends, going to a festival, picking up boxes from friends, trying to find a car, looking at the house one last time before we close…

I could really use some good drugs right now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In no particular order, the things I’m thinking today:

  • I’d like to have just ONE day in which it doesn’t rain. Just one. With some sunshine, preferably.
  • Why do I always leave my car open just when there’s a thief around?
  • How are we going to replace Greg’s car? He’s had that thing since he was 16, and all of its “features” were amusing… mostly.
  • If I go home for lunch at 2:00, maybe I can watch part of The Biggest Loser while I do more cleaning around the house.
  • Did I really not have a house key on that set of keys they took?
    It figures that I bought Greg those sunglasses (his third pair) and then the car gets stolen. Along with the sunglasses. He is not meant to own sunglasses from Bass Pro Shops. It’s official.
  • I’m glad they didn’t steal my car. I really like my car now.
  • What if they DO find Greg’s car and it’s a total wreck? How much will that suck?
  • I think I’ve eaten too much cheese.
  • What if they find Greg’s car, and we’ve already bought a new car?
  • It’s so ironic that Pontiac sent a factory recall on a part in Greg’s car the DAY it gets stolen from our driveway. Irony, anyone? If we get it back without an engine, I wonder if they’ll still give us the new part…
  • I’m so sleepy today.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Purple People Eater

Today, Rosie’s outfit is comprised of:

A floral-print, BRIGHT purple, satin peasant tunic with elastic gathered waist (a piece which, on its own would make an adorable mini-dress on a 18-year old with great legs), paired with faded violet skinny jeans, which end just above her ankles, on which she has placed lavender scrunchy socks via 1992, and stuffed inside what can only be called topsider-inspired mules in indigo.

She’s like fashion road kill, or a giant grape. I find it hard to look at her without cringing.

Wait, did I mention the puka-shell necklace? Seriously.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Writing, writing everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

School will most likely kick my butt this week.

I have a paper due (I started researching…yesterday? Oops.) and another assignment due (that one is sort of started), and then a few details to wrap up in each of my classes. With any luck, by this Saturday, I will be DONE. I’m going to forge ahead on writing the paper tonight, and hopefully get the majority of it done. It’s a research paper – my specialty usually. I have an almost foolproof method, which I perfected in undergrad. It seems to have carried over to graduate papers… so far.

My method:

  1. Begin by using the library and its article searches to find as many full-text articles I can. Save them, copy them, etc. Any articles not available are requested through Inter-Library Loan at least a week before the paper is due.
  2. Create a basic outline of what I want to write. Very basic. This will change a lot as I learn more about my subject.
  3. Print the articles and begin reading, highlighting points here and there I might want to include in my paper. Write down particularly poignant points for quotes in my paper, with citations, on my outline.
  4. Assemble an outline in greater detail, with corresponding quotes from my sources included on the outline. Usually write the introduction at this point.
  5. Fill in the outline by arranging the quotes in a rational order and write in commentary around them.

All told, it usually takes me three or four hours to do the initial article search, three or four hours to read the articles (or skim, if I feel they may not be of use), and a couple of hours to do the detailed outline. By the time I actually write the paper, if I’ve followed this pattern, it usually takes me no more than an hour and a half to write the sucker.

Tonight will be the detailed outline and the beginnings of writing. Wish me luck.