Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Purple People Eater

Today, Rosie’s outfit is comprised of:

A floral-print, BRIGHT purple, satin peasant tunic with elastic gathered waist (a piece which, on its own would make an adorable mini-dress on a 18-year old with great legs), paired with faded violet skinny jeans, which end just above her ankles, on which she has placed lavender scrunchy socks via 1992, and stuffed inside what can only be called topsider-inspired mules in indigo.

She’s like fashion road kill, or a giant grape. I find it hard to look at her without cringing.

Wait, did I mention the puka-shell necklace? Seriously.


Arlynn said...

You're not serious... are you?!? No way. Don't believe it - can you get a pic.

Blurr out the face & all, I'm just interested in the ensam. Just a quick pic of her standing by the copier would do. Something. Just so I can see it with my own two eyes.

And I thought we had some interesting* outfit selections going on in my office : )

*And by interesting I mean excruciatingly tragic.

Jenn said...

I wish I were joking. I really wish I were. And I wish I had a camera. Even my phone is dead, but only something with a satisfactory resolution so the purple could be really be seen the way it should (or shouldn't).

Neither of these things are working out for me at the moment.