Tuesday, May 12, 2009


In no particular order, the things I’m thinking today:

  • I’d like to have just ONE day in which it doesn’t rain. Just one. With some sunshine, preferably.
  • Why do I always leave my car open just when there’s a thief around?
  • How are we going to replace Greg’s car? He’s had that thing since he was 16, and all of its “features” were amusing… mostly.
  • If I go home for lunch at 2:00, maybe I can watch part of The Biggest Loser while I do more cleaning around the house.
  • Did I really not have a house key on that set of keys they took?
    It figures that I bought Greg those sunglasses (his third pair) and then the car gets stolen. Along with the sunglasses. He is not meant to own sunglasses from Bass Pro Shops. It’s official.
  • I’m glad they didn’t steal my car. I really like my car now.
  • What if they DO find Greg’s car and it’s a total wreck? How much will that suck?
  • I think I’ve eaten too much cheese.
  • What if they find Greg’s car, and we’ve already bought a new car?
  • It’s so ironic that Pontiac sent a factory recall on a part in Greg’s car the DAY it gets stolen from our driveway. Irony, anyone? If we get it back without an engine, I wonder if they’ll still give us the new part…
  • I’m so sleepy today.

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Anonymous said...

What tha...?? Greg's car got stolen?? What happened!! Did I miss something?