Friday, May 15, 2009


It’s not been a fantastic week.

On Sunday, my husband’s car was stolen. From our driveway. While we were both home. Because my car was unlocked and I had a spare key to his car out in the open.

Can I feel worse? I’m not sure. Why don’t you try hitting me with a dead fish. I’m sure that could make things worse.

On Monday, Greg worked late.
On Tuesday, Greg was helping his grandfather move.
On Wednesday, I worked late.
On Thursday, we found out the closing date on our house has been pushed back to the 22nd.

I’ve been exhausted for most of the week.

I’m starting my period.

We now have to buy a car for Greg, even knowing that his car could randomly turn up in some parking lot, just fine and no worse for the wear. Nevermind that we just took out a huge loan for our adorable house. Nevermind that we have closing costs, moving costs, refurnishing costs, and we don’t know how much our monthly bills will be.

This weekend will be busy – packing, meeting up with some friends, going to a festival, picking up boxes from friends, trying to find a car, looking at the house one last time before we close…

I could really use some good drugs right now.

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