Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Wishes Part 3

Again, with the birthday list...

10. A dresser.

I’ve lived the last 8 years of my life without a dresser. I’ve made due with plastic bins on wheels from Wal-Mart, but I’m starting to feel like that solution is very college-student and not very grown-up-woman-with-a-husband-and-a-new house. So, here are a few dressers that would fit the bill. We need something compact, but that uses its space very efficiently, and something that the hubby and I can share with ease.

This one from ebay is awesome – I could just see a few baskets underneath, photos on top, and Greg and I could easily divvy up the drawers.

I love this style of furniture – although it’s much harder to share when there are an odd number of drawers. At least it would be low profile.

But something simple like this would be perfect.

I have to admit, I would love something like this, but it’s a bit too large for my current needs.
11. A kitchen cart.

As I mentioned before, our new kitchen is not storage-friendly. We need a kitchen cart to play a few roles – extra counter space (one with an extendable leaf would make this much easier), drawer space for excess everything, and perhaps some space underneath to store a few extra items of importance.

12. Tank tops.

I love wearing tank tops over the summer. I could live in them. I even wear them to work when I can get away with it (under a tasteful jacket or sweater, of course). The ones I have are mostly three or four years old now, and starting to show their age. I could do with a new collection so I could throw out some of the older, fading and holey pieces. And there’s nothing like Old Navy for tank tops. Cheap, colorful and fun.

13. An amazing dinner, made by my Mister.

Since I’m 26, this will be my final fantasy gift, and hopefully one that (ahem) isn’t so much of a fantasy. My husband is great at improvising. He’s even better when he finds a great recipe and improvises on top of it. This is how he ended up making Brie-Stuffed Rosemary Chicken. And yes, it’s every bit as good as it sounds. For my 26th birthday, I would love nothing more than for that man to make me something so good that I wish there were seconds and thirds and fourths. I want to sit in our new home and eat by candlelight, laughing about the first gift he ever got me (it was a blender, and I loved it despite how silly it is to get your girlfriend a blender while you’re at a summer camp with no kitchen, no electrical power, and no way to use it for another two months). I’d love to use our nice china and the toasting glasses from our wedding. I’d love to drink champagne (even the cheap stuff) and eat fresh summer strawberries for dessert. I’d love to go sit on the back porch while we digest and watch our puppy play in the yard, while we talk about the children we’ll have someday, while we enjoy an after-dinner cocktail or four. I’d love to forget about work, and school, and money, and have an evening for the two of us. Because in this world of economic crisis and growing tumult between every political and social group known to man, it’s nice to spend an evening with the man you love and be reminded why you married him. To celebrate the fact that we’re still newlyweds and we still have many years of bliss to come. I can think of no better birthday gift than an evening of doting on each other. That and not having to make dinner or do the dishes. THAT would be awesome.

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