Wednesday, July 8, 2009

She's back.

I've got excuses. I swear.

I started summer school.

I've been unpacking and decorating the house.

It's been a hard month at work.

Blogger got blocked at my work!

Okay, fine. You see through my lies. So I'll come clean.

I got an iPhone, and I'm so thoroughly addicted, I haven't done much else. My days have been like this: iPhone, iPhone, Work. iPhone while working. Twitter on iPhone. Facebook on iPhone. Ooooh! A new App! iPhone, iPhone, Bed.

But now here I am. And I'm going to be back more often, because I write blog posts at work and then have nowhere to put them if I don't post. So I will post them. And pictures of my baking adventures, which have been successful (for the most part).

I'm still waiting for that perfect (ahem, Lori) banana bread recipe, but my dealer got engaged last week and has been thinking of little else. Though, who can blame her?

Forgive me?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I'm sorry!!! You so called me out. Ok, I'll get out of my of dreamy visions of beach weddings, orange and purple tropical flowers and turquoise waters to finally pull out that "perfect" banana bread recipe and give to my anxious friend. I will warn you that this recipe is serious. It means business. It means slap your momma for not making this recipe for you years ago because it's so good. AND it requires 7 bananas. Are you ready for it? It's big and bad.

Joanna said...

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