Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Best Salvation Army Ever

So, there's a Salvation Army in Tulsa that I've visited a few times to find Halloween costumes or random themed outfits. It's never failed me on either of those accounts. And they also have a huge furniture department, so yesterday - in search of a a small table for our breakfast nook, I went over there. After determining their furniture department didn't meet my needs, I thought I'd take a look around at the clothes.

Lately, I've been on a dress/skirt kick, and I thought I'd check out their dresses. Oh. My. Lord. I haven't seen so many great labels in one store in my life. There were, of course plenty of duds, but I was surprised at how many great finds there were. Many of them weren't in my size, but I ended up trying on about 20 items, and walking away with a few for myself. The grand total was $36. And my finds? Well, see for yourself.

A BCBG wrap dress, which was elegant enough that I wore it to the theater last night to see
Wicked with my Mister.

A poofy, Norma Kamali skirt (with pockets!), perfect for a swim coverup or Saturday lounging.

Harold's was an Oklahoma staple and opened in 1948. Their style was JCrew meets Talbots, with a little Ann Taylor thrown in for good measure. Their clothes were classy (and expensive) and I often sought them out for a good dress for an important event. Unfortunately, the economic downturn resulted in the store completely folding, a tragedy for Oklahomans. So, when I found this Harold's dress, I nearly flipped a lid. I probably would have bought it even if I hadn't thought the pattern was so funky and cool. And the style is so flattering, with the full skirt and body-hugging top.

You can hardly go wrong with an Old Navy, A-line, empire-waisted cotton dress.

This ISDA & Co dress ended up being too big, but for 3 dollars, the incredibly soft cotton dress will be perfect for lounging, and might even be okay with a wide belt and heels.

Today, I chose to wear my new skirt (Banana Republic) with my wedding day jellies. Again, this one has pockets (!!) which I love. It's linen and breezy, and I never shop at Banana, so it's a huge treat. I can walk around the house cleaning and cooking and still carry my iPod in my pocket, listening to an audio book.

My puppy, Tonks, was not at all impressed with my finds, however...

Needless to say, I'll go back weekly to check things out. Incredible!

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Anonymous said...

Sweetness. Those are great fines at such a bargain. Jealous. How did you like "Wicked" btw?