Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bonjour (Or the one in which I begin vacation planning)

I love to vacation, and have always been on one major vacation each year. However, 2009 became “The Year of the House” and all of our time and extra cash has gone into moving in and beginning minor renovations on our new home.

But 2010? 2010 is up for grabs. So, over a bottle of wine at a local winery during lunch on my birthday weekend, the Mister and I talked about our next vacation. Right there, with 3/4ths a bottle of white wine down, and the 90-degree sun beating down on us, we decided that there could be no better thing that France and Spain in March. Thus my planning mind began. (There are reasons I didn’t plan our honeymoon – you know, like the fact that I was planning the REST of the wedding at the time and the Mister offered to take this trip off my hands.)

A few days ago, Jo over at A Cup of Jo blogged about this
amazing apartment rental in Paris, and it piqued my interest. So, thinking there was NO WAY we could possibly afford it, I took a look around. To my surprise, not only are there chic 2 and 3-bedroom apartments for rent, but also a couple of tiny studio apartments, as well. So, continuing to satisfy my curiosity, I submitted a request for our dates. Lo and behold, they’re available! I’m currently in negotiations on price, but hope to be landing this apartment for our stay very soon. It’s very small – 215 square feet - but bigger than any hotel room we could afford in Paris. Not only that, but it also has a full kitchen, so I imagine the Mister and I will be doing some shopping at local markets and will prepare a few meals in our little “home.” And at only 595 Euro for a full week (which we only want to stay for 5 nights), it really is affordable. Maybe not as affordable as a hostel, but safer and certainly more comfortable when it comes to showering and using the toilet.

Once I book it, this trip will become real. The next stop will be plane tickets and car rentals. But with luck, we will be reserved to go very soon. Scary, but at the same time very exciting.

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