Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh La-la!

These days I’m more and more into anything French-inspired. Maybe it’s because it’s been all over the blogging circuit in the last year. Or maybe it’s because I met a French man at a party recently and we jointly serenaded the room with a rendition of the Marseilles which was slightly off-tune but from the heart. (I must thank my high school French teacher, Madame Smith for forcing all her students to learn this song. It is the second-best bar/party trick I have up my sleeve. The first being the fact that she also taught us to recite the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution in French. Jaws drop, I tell you.)

Regardless, all things French are making me happy these days. So, when I saw pictures from the
French General on I Suwannee’s blog, I was smitten.

Just look at these cards, those fabric squares, those notebooks! It’s enough to make a girl want to quilt and write letters and notes all day long.

And, I have been contemplating (thanks to a good friend) making banana bread mini-loaves for Christmas presents for the office. Wouldn't these be the perfect labels for the packages?


Arlynn said...

I'm a fan of most things French too & these are all SO lovely!

I recently went to a high-end French antique store, and letmetellyou... it was amazing! the proportions, designs warm wood-tones of the furniture, delicate detailing on the accessories - aamzing!!!

I will go ack when the Hubs & I decide it's time to properly furnish our dream home :-)

Anonymous said...

Those would be perfect labels! :) So what is your FIRST best party trick??? (And btw, I don't remember any French from HS. I'm terrible!)