Monday, September 14, 2009

One Year, Around the Corner

In less than a month, Greg and I will be celebrating our first anniversary. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the last few weeks, remembering this time last year. I was stressed, but thrilled. I couldn’t believe that I was about to embark on an entire life with a man, and that I was planning this crazy party for my family and friends to watch me commit to that. I was spending nearly every evening working on some aspect of the wedding – making a ring pillow, putting together programs, worrying about whether it would rain or be too cold. I was taking painstaking care of myself – manicures, highlights, workouts and nightly skin routines ruled my life. I wanted to glow on my wedding day. I wanted to look exactly how I felt – beautiful and radiant. And quietly, I was reflecting on the end of my single life.

It was only a tiny death. Like watching one tea light among thousands quietly sputter out. Greg and I had been living together for more than a year. We had been together for two years. Our lives had melded in such a way that I hadn’t felt single in a very long time, despite my distinct ability to be able to walk away with no legal ties holding me back. I wasn’t worried that the piece of paper we signed and the vows we made would be too much for me, but rather the fact that I would be forever worrying about this man. The idea of sharing his name, bearing his children brought forth worries of what I would do if he ever died, how I would live if he was ever severely injured. Morbid thoughts for a new bride, I knew, but somehow I couldn’t escape them.

But now we’re here – one year later. It’s been a crazy year in which we have:
1. Been to Costa Rica (our honeymoon)
2. Bought a house
3. Had a car stolen
4. Got the car back
5. Contemplated a second dog for our family
6. Fought dog hair every day from invading our wardrobes, and thus reconsidered the second dog
7. Traded sleeping schedules (he gets up earlier than me for the first time since we’ve known each other)
8. Stayed in Frank Lloyd Wright’s one and only skyscraper
9. Acquired a pop-up camper
10. Made hundreds of dinners together
11. Drank countless bottles of wine
12. Learned how to share a house with a single bathroom without ever watching the other person pee (except when under the influence and impatient)
13. Gained approximately 100 pounds (or maybe closer to 20 between the two of us)
14. Started sewing/gardening/baking/woodworking
15. Played hide and seek with our dog
16. Began to discover the “joys” of owning an old home
17. Loved, loved, and loved some more

It’s my responsibility to plan the first anniversary – took the odds and he has the evens. It’s going to be quiet and simple, as I have class on our anniversary, and we’re planning a big anniversary trip for the Spring. But I’ll make it special and important, and will give us time to properly thank one another for the first year of our wonderful, beautiful, splendid marriage.

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