Monday, October 19, 2009

A(n Un)Restful Weekend

I’m not usually one to give a blow-by-blow of my weekend. It’s just not my bag. The whole “Dear Diary, today I…” routine is one I got over after failing to write in my first five-year diary. It was a habit my grandmother loved, and I still remember leafing through her tiny diary, with her little scrawl on each five-line allotment per day – “Doctor’s appointment, work, dinner at Lou’s, saw the grandkids…”

Me, though, I tend to focus on the exciting little moments. Those random events that make me laugh, or the interesting parts of the day I’ve had. Even with this preference, I am tempted to detail my weekend down to the last minute. It was nothing but running, running, running from 5:00 Friday night until 2:00 this morning. Rather than a long narrative (which just thinking about exhausts me to no end), I will now give you a bulleted list (my favorite kind) of Things I Have Done In the Last 65 Hours:

  • Was made dinner by 6 local firemen
  • Took a ride in a fire truck
  • Became the “Official Party Mad-Lib Reader”
  • Watched no less than four women pee
  • Saw more boobs than I can count – some on friends, some on strangers
  • Helped clean up shards of glass from a broken wine glass
  • Had a dance party to “This is How We Do It”
  • Met a guy named “Fro” who likes to play awesome 90s rock on an acoustic guitar
  • Bought the best-fitting pair of jeans I’ve had in a while – from the Gap, no less
  • Bought a penis-shaped cake
  • Played Pinata for shots
  • Made a pair of Spock ears and a veil with Star Trek insignia
  • Danced for hours
  • Visited my first (and I hope LAST) strip club
  • Saw my first flasher, and adamantly told him to “zip it up” while I dragged two drunk women by as fast as I could
  • Had a facial
  • Saw U2 in concert
  • Drove from OKC to Tulsa at 12:00 a.m., arriving at my front door at 1:45
  • Got up and went to work on a wee bit more than 4 hours sleep

Needless to say, between a house party, a bachelorette party, dinner at a firehouse and a concert, my weekend was full to brimming. I’m dragging ass this morning, and counting down the hours until I can go home and lay on the couch to watch TV for the rest of the night, and maybe go to bed around 8:00. I’m so exhausted.

Case and point: I just went to make myself a cup of coffee in the work kitchen. I put the coffee in my mug, set the mug on the counter and went to get a serving of half-and-half from the fridge. I peeled back the paper, and then walked to my coffee cup, which was next to the sink. I then promptly poured the half-and-half down the sink. Why? I don’t know. It was waste of good creamer, if you ask me.

Only four more hours at work, though, and then I’m off. Let’s only hope I don’t fall asleep at my desk before then.

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Arlynn said...

So happy to see you back & blogging... now, if only I could get back to a more regular schedule :-)

And I like hearing about weekends - especially when they're as eventful as yours!

My mom & dad always tell the story of when my mom made dinner for the local volunteer fire department, which my dad was a part of. Apparently she burned the bread in the oven {she always does that} and had the firemen actually put out a fire at their own firehouse! It's a favorite family story :-)



p.s. I tagged you for a super fun bloggie award today... enjoy!!!