Friday, November 27, 2009

Ghost Town

It's a bit eerie, being the only one in the office. Normally loud with voices, printers, phones ringing, and people using their speaker phones unecessarily, it is so quiet in here that I have my iPhone playing (coughcoughTwilightsoundtrackdon'tjudgecough) to keep me company while I work.

It feels like one of those zombie movies, where people have gone into a hospital or an office building to find it utterly deserted. Or like that scene in Vanilla Sky, with Tom Cruse running through Times Square, totally freaked out because it's just empty. That's my office today. I am literally the ONLY soul here, and I only stay because someone has to answer the phones, should they ever ring.

The only phone call I've gotten today? Someone calling from home, asking for tickets to a hockey game, which I've already given away. Nice.

At least I'm getting a ton done. Hooray for a clean inbox.

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