Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Job. Maybe.

I had an interview. My first in the library field since I was in college. This is exciting for two reasons:

1.) I really want to get into the field I think I was meant to be in.
2.) The job sounds like it will be loads of fun.

It is also scary for more than two reasons:

1.) It pays significantly less than my current job.
2.) It will be a huge change.
3.) I haven’t worked in a library for the last three years.
4.) It is in the field I THINK I was meant to be in.

I gave the interviewer, Jeff, a link to this page. I hope he is impressed not only by my ability to find cool shtuff to utilize in and out of libraries, but also by my witty repartee and mad blogging skilzz. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this position, but I know that – being the first job I’ve applied for – it is kind of a long shot.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, but at the same time keeping a mantra in my head – I’m perfect for this job, and it will be the chance I’ve been looking for.

Cross your fingers, toes, and anything else you have that is crossable. For me. Please?

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Robyn said...

Hey, getting the interview is huge. It shows that people who are looking for "library skills" like what they see in your resume. You should be proud of that. So, if it isn't this job, an even more perfect one will come around.