Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just Another Day in WTF-Land

A typical work interaction:

Scene: I am calling another department to let them know that we have a contract signed for them. I help handle all of the things the CEO signs. Contracts are always returned to the department from which they originated. Sometimes the department refuses to take the original, in which case I file it away, forget where it is and ultimately never see it again. (Never fear, I keep scanned copies of everything, which I access regularly in place of the originals.)

Me (on the phone): Hi Kathryn*, it’s Jennifer.
Kathryn (spoken with a tone of disdain and a sprinkle of sarcasm): Hey. Can I help you?
Me: Yeah, I have this contract that the Young Gun signed for you. Would you like me to get the original back to you?
Kathryn: Usually we put the original in their personnel file.
Me (Pause as I try to figure out how this in any way answers my question. I take a stab at it): So, should I send it to the HR office, then?
Kathryn: No, the HR doesn’t keep files on our contracted employees.
Me (a little confused): Ah, so then who does?Kathryn (said as if this should be obvious): I do.
Me: So, then, should I send the original contract back to you?
Kathryn: Yes, that would be good.

End Scene

Please note that half that conversation could have been avoided, had she answered my question the first time. No one else seems to see the problem in this, as it happens daily.

Have I mentioned that sometimes I don’t exactly love everyone I work with?

*Name changed to protect the belligerent.

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